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Salesforce Service Cloud Winter '24 Release - All You Need to Know

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The Salesforce Winter '24 update has some great new features for Service Cloud that enable customer service agents to work faster and more productively across customer service channels.

1. Einstein GPT:

Generate knowledge articles from past case notes. Auto-generate personalized agent chat replies to increase customer satisfaction through personalized and expedited service interactions.

This update brings two particularly useful features to the Service Cloud ‘Einstein Service Replies’ and ‘Einstein Work Summaries’.

  • Einstein Service Replies acts like a trusty assistant for your customer service agents. It offers custom-tailored responses during chat and messaging conversations, and these suggestions are all based on the data stored in our Salesforce platform.

  • Einstein Work Summaries, on the other hand, aims to streamline the wrap-up process at the end of a customer case. It automatically generates summaries for the case, the issue at hand, and the resolution provided, saving your agents time and ensuring consistency in reporting.

  • Integration with OpenAI: Salesforce is combining OpenAI’s enterprise-grade ChatGPT technology with Salesforce’s private AI models to deliver relevant and trusted AI-generated content.

All—these features offer real-time response recommendations as well. As a chat conversation progresses, Einstein generative AI crafts polite and relevant responses on the fly, which your agents can then review, tweak if needed, and send.

2. Service Intelligence:

Service Intelligence is a treasure trove of customer data in Salesforce's Service Cloud.

This data can be a powerful tool for enhancing your customer service operations, and Salesforce knows it. That's why the latest release introduces two vital standard CRM Analytics dashboards ‘Case Dashboards’ and ‘Omni-Channel Dashboards’.

  • Case Dashboards: This is your one-stop shop to gauge the pulse of your customer service team. From here, you can keep tabs on high-level metrics like the number of escalated cases, the average time it takes to close them, and customer satisfaction scores across different channels.

  • Omni-Channel Dashboards: This focuses on the efficiency and performance of agents across various channels. You can review work volumes, assess the efficacy of accepted or declined work, and gauge average handling times, among other key performance indicators.

  • Einstein Conversation Mining Dashboards: This feature allows to dig deep into conversation metrics, revealing top topics or reasons for contact, duration, and even the average cost per interaction.

The features are designed to make data work for us. They help aggregate insights across your customer service channels, thereby enabling you to make more informed decisions. And yes, all of this comes with the added ability to embed these insights directly into the workflow, ensuring that data-driven decision-making is as seamless as it gets.

3. Enhanced Omni-Channel: If you're a fan of Omni-Channel, you'll be thrilled with the Salesforce Winter '24 Enhanced feature of Omni-Channel. Featuring a revamped user interface that will make your customer service agents even more productive. The new design simplifies the way agents can reprioritize and pause less urgent interactions, allowing them to focus on what truly requires immediate attention. And this is just the beginning of Salesforce's planned upgrades for Omni-Channel!

New Enhanced feature in Omni-Channel:

  • Enhanced Agent UI: This user-friendly interface allows agents to work more efficiently and fast, making it easier to pause ongoing tasks to handle more urgent matters.

  • Summary Wallboard in Supervisor Experience: Keep track of your agents' activities with a new summary wallboard that provides a comprehensive view of ongoing work, all in one place.

  • The update is available for Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions in Lightning Experience. If you're already using Messaging, Voice, and Bots, you'll find they're fully compatible with this new feature. To get started, head over to Omni-Channel Settings and click on Enhanced Omni-Channel Routing.

  • Enhanced Supervisors is a new Wallboard view allows you to get a quick pulse check of your team quickly and visually in real time, allowing easier and faster identification of any actions that may need to be taken.

  • Audit Queue Membership Changes with Event Monitoring, monitor when members are added to or removed from queues using the new Group Membership event type. Queues can contain individual users, roles, public groups, or territories.

By offering these intuitive, productivity-boosting features, Salesforce's Enhanced Omni-Channel aims to make our customer service operations smoother than ever.

4. Feedback Management:

It quickly creates or update records based on survey responses using data from survey invitation fields. Take timely actions with custom notifications to survey invitation, account, and case owners.

  • Measure customer engagement better with new rating icons

  • Send longer, more engaging survey invitation emails

  • Stay on top of survey responses by receiving custom notifications

  • Enhance rating surveys with new icons

5. Service Catalog:

Catalog Settings setup page Effortlessly and set your preferred catalog categorization method of data categories or catalog categories.

Enhanced feature also streamlined and automated search experience, a federated search shows dynamic results across your Service Catalog based on catalog item names and description, and search auto-suggestion helps drive self-service case deflection.

6. Incident Management:

EShare Incident Updates based on a product exciting feature which send proactive communications to impacted customers when a product-related incident occurs. Keep your internal stakeholders up to date as an incident evolves with updates to a broadcast slack message’s field. And with improvements to the Customer Service Incident Management setup page. You can also share incident updates based on a product.

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