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Visualize Customer Journey using Salesforce

Journey Builder in our opinion is Marketing Cloud’s strongest tool that is well known for its one-to-one marketing capabilities. It uses event-based triggers like signups, purchase orders, or abandoned carts to set a series of actions in motion. The flow of actions can be further customized using customer data on a target group level or at an individual level.

Journey Builder can also pull data from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to provide a reliable customer journey experience. Information sharing also ensures that your teams are aware of the customer’s most recent activity thus enabling for a smoother experience. With automation, personalizing these journeys for a large database is a strong asset of Marketing Cloud. We list down a few more benefits and features of using Journey builder for your customer relationship management strategy.

Higher Customer Engagement

Through journey builder, you can reach out to customers using multiple channels to diversify your engagement. Utilize each platform to tailor a customer journey that delivers a smooth experience and accelerates your engagement.

Monitor in Real Time

Test all functionalities before launch and keep real time track of results with marketing cloud. You can also define the timing of content delivery and personalize content segments at an individual level. Keep track of how customers are interacting with your content across channels with predefined metrics.

Control your Strategy

With Journey Builder, you can utilize multiple marketing strategies like random split-testing and improve your overall results without the need for any technical expertise. You can ensure your success is aimed on customer facts that matter and visually evaluate channels. The drag-drop approach allows control over every potential touch-point that enriches the journey for greater engagement.

Integrate with Salesforce platforms

Draw information on your customers from the Salesforce ecosystem by integrating with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Save time by filling in information automatically from these platforms. You can further customize the marketing funnel and collect information for each individual to fill on gaps, and send this information back to sales or service cloud to ensure your team is up to date with the latest interaction done by the customer.

Winobell is an experienced player in helping out companies with implementation of journey builder to improve customer engagement. Reach out to us if you would like a free consult on setting up marketing cloud for your business.

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