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The Challenge of Data Quality in Salesforce

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Data governance is a collection of policies, processes and standards driving overall management of data quality, integrity, security, and visibility in an enterprise. It ensures the effective and efficient use of available data enabling the organization to achieve its goals.

Every organization knows it well, that a robust data governance is must to get the expected ROI from their Salesforce implementation, but only a very few manage to adopt and execute an effective one.

Absence of appropriate data governance leads to poor quality of data in Salesforce org which can have devastating impact like:

1. Missing key information

2. Duplicate records

3. Prospects and clients receiving incorrect information

4. Inaccurate reporting

5. Missing notifications and alerts

6. Improper forecasting

7. Reduced User Adoption

8. Complete failure of Salesforce Implementation

A survey done by Winobell involving 150 Salesforce users across multiple clients has found data quality to be the major factor impacting user adoption in Salesforce.

Key factors responsible for data quality problems:

1. Missing data validations and automated prevention

2. Lack of data policies and regulations

3. Legacy data imported hastily without alignment

4. Integration or automation issues generating improper data

5. No culture of data cleanup and accountability

6. Poor user training

Winobell has perfected the process of data cleanup and implementing governance around data quality. We have a multistage data quality improvement process specially designed for Salesforce platform keeping in mind the best practices and governance rule.

Our solution takes you through a tried and tested approach in the following steps:

1. Understand organization vision and long-term goal

2. Discover and profile the data elements

3. Identify the origin of data inaccuracy

4. Prepare a robust plan to resolve the root causes

5. Implement appropriate reporting to monitor data quality

6. Support in establishing data governance practice

For more information on how Winobell can assist you in improving data quality in your Salesforce org and establish data governance, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation.

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