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Salesforce Health Management Key Benefits

In the recent years, Healthcare and life science organizations have accumulated immense data thanks to years of investment in EHR systems. EHR’s have improved quality of care by providing improvements in operations and by offering alternate opportunities for patient care. But, to present the right data at the right moment to multiple providers still remains a challenging process. Presenting data is an important part of patient care as helps in presenting personalized information that could help highlight preventable conditions or foresee a chronic disease.

Introducing Salesforce Healthcare Management System Salesforce’ Health Cloud addresses current healthcare system concerns around patient profiles, communications and in connecting post-visit treatment plans with patient records. We look at 3 key features that helps the no. 1 CRM platform be a strong competitor within the healthcare industry.

Track non-medical determinants of Health

Medical care continues to advance, so does the recognition of effect on health by living conditions, environmental factors and socioeconomic status. These factors are not easily identifiable as tracking mechanisms are siloed in EHR systems that are disconnected from other platforms. But with Health Cloud, care providers can directly capture this information and access it via the patient profile to provide a more complete view of these critical factors.

Remote Collaboration

Even before the pandemic, care providers across the globe were increasingly working together to address patient needs at the comfort of their homes. But disparate systems used to manage multiple care providers limits these collaboration efforts. Using Field Service Lightning, your organization can help bring all healthcare providers together on the same platform while adhering to strict guidelines. With the mobile app, providers at-scene can connect with other healthcare professionals to ensure patient care.

Personalized Health Management

Health Cloud let’s all your departments, say marketing that may be using Marketing Cloud to engage patients, to be on the same page and understand every touchpoint of the patient journey. This allows your team to manage clinical and non-clinical efforts all within the same platform without loss or breach of data. Using communication channels that patients prefer is essential to creating a personalized experience.

Using Health Cloud, your care team can have easy access to essential and non-essential patient data. With API integration with your current EHR and other systems, Health Cloud enables you to harness the power of technology to create an engaging and personalized patient journey. To know more about how you can digitally transform your patient care, Winobell can help you build towards a safer and effective patient journey for your members.

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