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Salesforce Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Salesforce has introduced Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM), a complete, end-to-end B2B marketing solution powered by artificial intelligence. Account-based marketing is not new to the Sales and Marketing world and the benefits it brings are unparalleled.

Built on the world's #1 CRM, Einstein ABM enables marketing and sales teams to target the most valuable accounts, personalize campaigns and engage with prospects at scale - improving pipeline quality and turning the hottest leads into new deals.

Capabilities of Einstein ABM

Account Identification: Einstein Lead Scoring identifies the accounts most likely to convert based on factors such as relationship and purchase history. Advertising Studio enables marketers to uncover and advertise to prospects by identifying audiences based on their profiles and online behaviours from existing CRM data. Einstein ABM can tell which account leads to acting on when to do so and with what information--all based on an analysis of the previous behaviour.

Close More Deals, Faster, and Build Lifelong Advocacy: Einstein ABM aligns marketing and sales to improve account targeting, at scale. No other solution offers the world's #1 CRM, marketing automation, digital advertising and analytics throughout the entire customer journey, and all on one platform--empowering B2B companies to finally get ABM the right and efficient way.

Improve Account Engagement: Engagement Studio is a lead nurturing solution that enables marketers and sales pros to send personalized emails based on real-time buyer behaviour or qualifying values, such as when a lead engages with a specific piece of content or if they have a significant influence on a buying decision. Einstein Opportunity Insights can analyze customer sentiment, competitor involvement and overall lead engagement to determine how deals are progressing.

Synchronize Sales and Marketing: Einstein Account Insights arms sales pros with the latest prospect news, such as M&A activity and financial results, to formulate engagement strategies. Reps can utilize Salesforce Engage to personalize marketing content and reach out to leads within accounts at the right moment. Reps can also leverage interactive dashboards to track the effectiveness of the messages, including click-through rates of content and to know exactly when it is opened.

Measure and Control Campaigns: With B2B Marketing and Sales Analytics companies can understand the performance of their marketing campaigns against targeted sales opportunities, and uncover insight into campaign performance. Multi-Touch Campaign Insights allows marketers to identify the attributes of marketing campaigns that have the highest potential to drive sales for targeted accounts.

To learn more about Einstein ABM please visit: To learn more about Marketing Cloud, please visit:

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