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Role of DMP in Digital Marketing

DMP enables brand to reach precisely defined audiences with relevant messages at the right time in the purchase funnel.

DMP “Data Management Platform” is a centralized platform that facilitates:

  • Creation of target audiences based on a combination of in-depth first-party and third-party audience data

  • Accurately target campaigns to audiences across third-party ad networks and exchanges

  • Measure with accuracy which campaigns performed the best across segments and channels to refine media buys and ad creative over time

Challenges Faced by Marketers in Digital Era

  • Targeting personalized content marketing

  • Precision multi-channel marketing driven by result

  • Data stored in separate systems with little or no synchronization

  • Disconnected systems failing to reach the customer at the right time

  • Unreliable analytics based on inconsistent data

  • Getting the ROI for marketing initiatives

  • Meeting compliance around customer data security

Key Capabilities of DMP

  • Data Collection - DMP facilitates collection of data from wide range of systems

  • Data Classification- DMP allows marketers to “slice and dice” their customer data by taxonomy, tags, campaign, and/or ROI outcomes enabling creation of thousands of highly relevant segments to reach audiences with the right message at right time

  • Data Analysis – DMP includes visualization tools to provide data driven insight and make sense of data efficiently

  • Data transfer - An advanced DMP allows marketers to easily share their audience segments with ad networks, trading desks, portals, partners and DSPs to serve targeted ads and reach audiences in real time

  • Scalability - DMP facilitates analysis of millions of data points and provide business critical insights

Benefits of DMP

Re-engagement – Easily implement customized re-engagement campaigns based on specific activities and behaviors

Prospecting – Seamlessly integrate with third-party audience data source to acquire anonymous data to achieve higher precision and scale with targeting campaigns

Site Personalization – Use first or third-party data to determine customized content for different consumers when they visit your website

Audience Intelligence – Contrast your site audience against third-party data sources to learn more about specific audience attributes to target with precision

Better ROI – Use centralized media performance analytics to determine which audience performed and can be chosen for further investment

Salesforce DMP / Audience Studio

Salesforce has one of the best DMP solution available which allows to capture, unify, and activate data to strengthen consumer relationships across every touch-point. Audience Studio is not one product it’s a complete platform catering to all the needs in and around digital marketing.

For more information on how Salesforce DMP can fit in your digital marketing strategy reach out to us at
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