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Maximize ROI of Your Salesforce Implementation

After a Salesforce Implementation is completed, it must grow and evolve with your company. But before you grow you need to make sure that the current system is as efficient and robust as possible. If you let Salesforce grow without proper maturity, you’ll end up with an outdated process and the chances of process errors will increase.

Below mentioned steps will help you determine where to optimize, where to automate, how to establish security and visibility, how to protect your data quality, and more...

Ø Discovery:

  1. Perform an audit on your Salesforce instance so you understand how Salesforce has been set up and extend to which various capabilities are used

  2. Collect feedback from users via a survey to understand their experience.

  3. Gather statistic on user adoption

  4. Collect information on security and visibility pain points

  5. Create an ER diagram representing key objects and their relationship

  6. List and classify all inbound and outbound integrations

Ø Design:

  1. Prepare solution design for any issue that is reported during the discovery

  2. Do an end to end impact analysis of the proposed solution

  3. Prepare recommendations based on Salesforce best practices and coding standards

  4. Translate the solution design to work item or user stories and organize them into sprints

  5. Create a road map for Salesforce enhancements and adoption of recommendations

  6. Formulate DevOps process for Salesforce

Ø Deployment:

  1. Undertake the development and implementation of the recommended solution

  2. Test and validate your Salesforce configuration

  3. Provide adequate training to educate users on best practices for using Salesforce and to review modifications made to it

  4. Train the Salesforce administrator and super users on the application enhancements

  5. Adopt the DevOps process for any future development

At the end of this process, you have a fully optimized Salesforce platform customized to support the goals of the company while allowing your team members to be more productive.

We at Winobell Inc provides Salesforce services to those who are new to Salesforce, would like to Optimize their Salesforce and those who would like to expand Salesforce company-wide to maximize their ROI.

Our services range from fully customized solutions utilizing multiple Salesforce products to support hours used at the client’s discretion.

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