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How Salesforce helps non-profit sector achieve their goals

I have always believed that technology should make our lives easier. Today we all are so busy living our lives digitally that human interactions have drastically reduced. The best tech puts people first & we should therefore use this tech for reaching out and helping others in need.

I have always been amazed as to how Salesforce has diversified into various sectors to touch lives everywhere. One such sector is the Non-Profit sector with its Non-Profit Cloud. It helps connect supporters & beneficiaries by setting & delivering goals & experiences in these ever changing times. Non-profit Cloud is a network that connects companies and their employees to the causes they care about. You can unify your fundraising initiatives, manage programmes and engagements and grant goals in one unified platform and drive next level change and impact.

Today donors & fund raisers expect to engage with each other in meaningful ways & build seamless enduring relationships. Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud aims to provide tools that can help raise funds effortlessly.

Here are some key benefits of using the Salesforce platform for this industry:

  1. This cloud is easily optimized for all devices.

  2. You can connect to multiple programs on fundraising based on your personal information of income & budgets.

  3. Data is highly secured through multiple security clouds.

  4. Easy email & calendar mapping helps the development teams keep a track of fundraising initiatives. You can connect with people globally over multiple initiatives.

  5. Constituent profiles provide a 360-degree view of your supporters and their activities whether be a phone call, email, meeting, or anything else you want to track.

  6. Engagement plans help you tailor and automate based on types, levels or any other data with proven steps and tasks associated.

  7. Gift Entry allows you to streamline entry of large volume gifts; Recurring Donations help track and manage recurring donors - all within the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)

  8. Personalised Recommendations are generated by Salesforce’s Einstein in your individual dashboards based on your choice of donations or volunteering activities.

In today’s digital world nonprofits need this consolidated data to have a full view of each supporter, their passion, and why they contribute to your cause. There have been multiple success stories. BuildOn increased online contribution by 130% with the Nonprofit Success Pack, Experience Cloud and peer-to-peer contribution. Pencils of Promise was able to gather a grant of $25,000 to build school in Guatemala.

It is time that we boost our organizational & employee abilities & mobilize our efforts to improve the society around. Philanthropy Cloud is the cornerstone of today’s culture.

Get in touch with us at Winobell to know how you can implement the Non-profit Cloud for your business and use it at its best potential.

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