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How Does Salesforce benefit from Tableau?

Tableau is reportedly going to boost Salesforce’s revenue by more than $24 billion by 2022 as per Trefis. But how is Tableau complimenting Salesforce when it already has an analytical platform? Salesforce is the no. 1 CRM company in the world while Tableau is one of the fastest growing platforms for data visualization and analysis.

At the end of the day, CRM is about delivering to your end customers by improving their experience, solving problems and generating value. And in the quest to improve its services, Salesforce has acquired more than 60 companies in the last 20 years, with Tableau being the most expensive of all.

A key driver for this acquisition was that some of the major clients of Salesforce like Southwest Airlines, Schneider Electric and Verizon were one of the over 86,000 organizations that were using Tableau. As an enterprise, Salesforce gets to attract companies that use Tableau but aren’t on Salesforce while providing integration of Einstein Analytics with Tableau for common customers.

With this acquisition, Salesforce has placed itself in an industry that was already in cloud and about self-service as well as looking into the future of advanced data analytics. Industry experts formerly identified Salesforce as weaker in customer analytics, that is now significantly boosted. Furthermore, it will be exciting to see Salesforce’s AI capabilities being deployed to form auto analysis and create data-driven decisions.

To conclude, at Winobell, we believe this acquisition will help organizations understand their customer data better with enhanced visualization and uncover deeper consumer insights.

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