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Energy & Utilities Cloud - A game-changer for Energy and utility industry

We are living in a rapidly transforming digital age. There is absolutely no industry that is left behind in converting its resources to digital platforms. Well, when you have a platform like Salesforce that is piping out solutions for all kinds of business, why be left behind. Even the most non-digital businesses have gone online with Salesforce to perform their business activities & reap the benefits.

The Energy and Utilities industry is no different and Salesforce’s “Energy & Utilities Cloud” plays a key role in it. The Energy and Utilities industry is no different and Salesforce’s “Energy & Utilities Cloud” plays. The cloud is revolutionizing the way we are doing business these days. It helps thrive the utility sector in a customer-centric digital age. Utility & retail energy suppliers are rapidly modernizing customer operations for their sales, service & field teams.

The energy & utility cloud centralizes customer insights & processes into a single engagement layer so that your entire team can collaborate with customers on sustainable data-driven workflows. The energy sector is rapidly transforming from conventional fossil fuels like oil and natural gas to renewable sources like wind and solar. The Energy cloud has many benefits that help to drive the data-driven future of the energy sector.

Energy & Utilities Cloud Order Management takes a completed contract from agreement to fulfillment. It enables the breakdown of contracts into orders for their component parts i.e. decomposition and then distributes those pieces effectively across systems and parties for the fulfillment of energy & utility contracts. This includes capabilities supporting the competitive market switching process and complex B2B contract fulfillment.

Energy & Utilities Cloud enables new products and services to be quickly released in partnership with your network of partners – for example, solar panel installation, home storage technology, delivering home appliance efficiency programs, increased insulation, installation and configuration of home automation, and smart thermostats, etc..

There are many success stories & many tangible steps have been taken through which one can see the success of the Energy & Utilitiescloud. Carbon counting is one such project. With data flowing towards one integrated platform, companies can now directly quantify their carbon footprint & energy usage/ wastage and can take actions accordingly. They can track their energy patterns, emission trends & drive sustainability solutions.

It is high time that companies in the sector of Oil & Gas rethink how technology can benefit their business by not only empowering the frontline workers & management with real-time data but also with sustainable solutions.

It is time to lead the Energy Revolution with Salesforce- the world’s no.1 CRM & AI network for business. It is time to rediscover the Energy & Utility industry with the Salesforce cloud to drive us into an economical and sustainable future.

It is Time for Salesforce.

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