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Einstein: AI for Salesforce CRM

What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)

  • AI is the next major shift in the world of technology which is bringing a whole new disruption and paradigm shift in the way of doing business

  • It’s about understanding historical data and applying what is learned to current contexts to make predictions

  • There is no doubt on the tremendous potential AI carries and hence every business wants to leverage it

  • But it’s difficult for most companies to use AI as it requires relevant data, data munging, data science resources, build predictive models and then extract intelligence

  • Einstein is AI in Salesforce CRM platform just ready to use without worrying about most of the hustle of implementing AI

Einstein in Sales
  1. Sales can anticipate next opportunities and exceed customer expectations by knowing customer’s future needs

  2. It can analyze information from email, calendars, and CRM data to proactively recommend actions like the best email response

  3. It can analyze product images attached to a deal and use that information to suggest the best upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  4. Natural Language Processing can dig through the text of emails exchanged with customers to estimate the likelihood of a potential sale, detect the best possible deals, identify deals a team is at greatest risk of losing, and provide recommended actions to improve the sales process

Einstein in Service
  1. Service can deliver proactive service by anticipating cases and resolving issues before they become problems

  2. It can automatically classify cases and intelligently route them to the right service agent

  3. It can analyze images of a product attached to a service case and use the information to classify the case and route it to the right agent

  4. Natural Language Processing can help route and more efficiently respond to customer emails by analyzing the written content

Einstein in Marketing
  1. Marketing can create predictive journeys and personalize customer experiences like never before

  2. It can intelligently score the likelihood of a customer to open an email, subscribe to a newsletter, or make a purchase

  3. It can analyze images across Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to suggest the best visuals for an upcoming advertising campaign

  4. It can even identify brands in the images whether or not they’re mentioned in the text

  5. Natural Language Processing can be used for sentiment analysis on text to understand how customers feel about your specific brand and products

Winobell at your Service
  • Winobell can help you identify use cases in your org where AI can be utilized

  • We can offer point solutions to specific machine learning problems across various domains

  • We can assist in drawing the AI strategy for your Salesforce CRM based on the current usage and future road map

  • Our expert consultants can implement AI for your Salesforce org in a progressive manner resulting in minimal adoption effort for the end-user

  • We can create POC for one or more use cases around AI and enable you to make an informed decision for AI implementation

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