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Capitalize on your Social Media with Social Studio

Social studio is a great tool to listen and manage your customers through any major platform that they may use. As per a study, 60% of people believe social media is the best place for companies to provide customer service.

This gives your brand a strong relationship-building opportunity as you can converse with customers while providing support for their complaints or suggestions. It’s also an excellent way to recognize important customers and appreciate them.

Using social studio from Salesforce, you can converse with your customers from anywhere, using any device that lets you be more proactive and enables you to showcased your support. Using other Salesforce tools like Live Agent, your team can anticipate demands from customers and chart out a plan for escalations. These features are geared towards supporting customer services for your business.

If your business is already using back-office software to manage customer interactions, you can integrate it with your Salesforce for effective utilization and to avoid data discrepancies. All cases are stored in a centralized database; and by adding rules, you can customize notifications for escalations or other measurable activities.

3 key benefits of using Social Studio in Salesforce to manage daily customer relationships

Communicate on all major platforms

You can listen and respond to customer queries on all key social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Your team can receive messages directly from any social media platforms and respond directly within the same screen.

Automate & Classify workload for smarter management

You can use pre-built tools like keywords, classifiers, and language detection to ensure that agents always get actionable posts to work the right issues in the right way. And agents can switch the conversation to the best channel for the customer at any time.

Respond in context by integrating social customer service with CRM

Using Salesforce as your CRM, integrating social cloud helps your team as they see a comprehensive view of the customer and can leverage this information when dealing with the customers. This 360-degree view of the consumer puts your team at a strong point when managing social media engagement in real time.

If you want a holistic view of your customers and manage their daily queries through an efficient process that works in favor of your branding principles, reach out to us at Winobell and we will be happy to provide you the right support to ensure your cloud implementation is successful.

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