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Best Practices for cleaning and managing Salesforce data post the Pandemic

Bad Salesforce data can deeply impact your customer relationship management and hinder your marketing or sales initiatives. Inaccurate data, unreliable data or even dormant data compounds over time and creates negative brand experiences for your potential customers. In this blog, we try to look at the standard practices of data management and how you can adapt them to the current economic downturn.

1. Identify the Right Data

When combining data from multiple sources, take only what is relevant. Even ancillary data that gives a holistic view of a customer is extremely valuable as this information will help you secure customers that may have gone dormant temporarily.

2. Set Rules

Set rules for what data segments should be migrated based on the data age, expected life of the data, relevancy and for regulatory compliance purposes. The key factor here is to identify prospects that could turn into potential customers over an extended period of time. Similarly, the current downturn has sparked new businesses which implies that there may be new data touch points created within your industry. As businesses go virtual, you need to ensure capturing of these new datasets.

3. Validate Data

49% of data entry occurs through human error but with Salesforce, you can create validation rules for data entry as well as for data migration. You should try to avoid missing out on data relationships when creating these rules as these relationships will benefit your marketing and sales team. With new data sets being created due to the pandemic, it is important to make the connection with your existing data.

4. Maintain Data

70% of CRM data becomes obsolete each year; this implicates the need to constantly update your data to avoid inactive prospects. Many customers and businesses will not go back to the same routine based on your industry and you need to identify those who need to be let go, permanently or temporarily. Create timelines for regular checks by creating data standards to cover end-to-end data management.

Cleaning and maintaining your data are an important task that can lead to stronger, smarter relationships with your customer, so take your time and do it well. If you have any queries on managing your data, reach out to Winobell for your questions on migrating data and maintaining data on Salesforce.

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