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Benefits of Financial Service Cloud

Financial Services Cloud is the modification of Salesforce CRM solutions for financial services. Making use of Salesforce’s applications like Lightning, the Finance Cloud helps you deliver a wide amount of personalized and proactive advice to your clients. With this feature, your team of advisors spend considerably less time on collecting information, thereby giving more time to interact with the client.

We list down 3 key advantages of using Financial Services Cloud that you should be aware about if you are planning to migrate to Salesforce and work in the Finance Industry.

Pioneer Client Relations

Using the Financial Service Cloud, your team can easily engage with clients by relying on business processes and data models. Salesforce lets you manage complete accounts and associated accounts through the same screen for faster turnaround time. 3rd party applications can be integrated to help with relationship management.

Real-Time Interactions

If you are looking to launch yourself in the fin-tech space, then having a technology-driven interaction can come to your advantage. You can reach out to your target customers through mobile apps, self-service capabilities and other engaging formats. Using Salesforce tools, you can automate personalized messages and share real-time information.

Making use of Lightning

This tool benefits your financial advisors as they can pull up client records with miscellaneous sources of data that are connected to the account. The advisor can look at summarized information of the account at an individual or master level wherein multiple accounts may be present. Interactions can be done anywhere using the mobile application providing your customers anytime access to a team of financial advisors.

Financial services companies usually work on similar lines and need the same basic functionalities to be able to meet their customer’s demands. These functionalities can further be customized to fit into pre-existing routines and integrated with software your company uses. As a result, you spend more time on your business and less time building a scalable model.

If you are looking to implement Financial Cloud, know that this service is available if you have Lightning implemented or if your current systems are Lightning ready.

The Salesforce Financial Model is being used by financial organizations like fintech companies, banks, and other finance firms. If you are looking to make your services available through this cloud platform, Winobell will be happy to offer assistance and lay out a roadmap for you to deliver to your clients.

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Poonam Thergaonkar
Poonam Thergaonkar
Feb 28, 2023

Nice Article !

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