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5 Ways Field Service Lighting (FSL) benefits your team

If you provide customer services remotely or have an out-bound sales team, you might have experienced the challenges in maintaining a robust communications system, especially if you do not have centralized workforce. In these scenarios, having a back-end service management software enables your on-ground team to improve your company’s efficiency.

Salesforce provides the perfect tool to manage field employees with a clear understanding of their schedules and task status using Field Service Lightning. FSL was designed for mobile which gives your employees easy access, and with the ability to work both online as well as offline, your reps can always be in control.

We break down some of the key advantages of using Field Service Lightning in Salesforce for your field team.

1. Map View

Similar to other mobile apps, Map view provides your workers directions, upcoming trips for the day and total estimated distance between each job, all within the same screen. It provides a simplified look of the daily tasks and assists in planning.

2. Maintain Team Transparency

With real-time job status updates, your supervisors can immediately act on making necessary changes like providing assistance, reassigning technicians or make job updates. This way your staff will always know what’s going on and can spend additional time on a job without worry. Keeping a clear line of communications benefits your overall customer experience while relieving unnecessary pressure on your field agents.

3. Einstein Vision

This incredible feature helps your agents scan any part to identify its name, gather relevant details or find out complementary parts. Einstein vision removes any uncertainty your team may have by ensuring the right part is used for the job.

4. Team Chat for Collaboration

There may be instances where multiple field agents have been to the same client, or a different agent was sent for a follow-up visit. Team chat allows technicians direct access to the team and can resolve issues without going through paperwork.

Some questions require collaboration between two field workers, or between a field worker and an in-house resource. Making it easier to stay in touch means your field technician’s job becomes less isolated and stressful, and gives them the support they need to best serve your customers.

5. Interactive Maps to divide and conquer

Supervisors can make use of FSL’s Polygon Mapping tool which breaks down areas on the map into portions that can be assigned to a particular team or rep. This greatly avoids overlaps and keeps everyone on the same page without confusion. Plus, its color-coded representation makes it visually easier for reps to identify and focus on their respective key areas.

Winobell is an experienced player in helping out companies with implementation of Field Service Lightning to improve operational efficiencies. Reach out to us if you would like a free consult on setting up Salesforce for your business.

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