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5 Questions to ask before getting Salesforce Consultation

Salesforce leads the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the ninth consecutive year in 2017. Salesforce market share in the field of cloud and digital services is at its peak and riding north. Forbes has named Salesforce the World's #1 Most Innovative Company in 2017.

There is no doubt that Salesforce is by far the best value in the CRM world and all-time favourite cloud platform. But there are many organizations that successfully implemented Salesforce, often with the help of a consulting partner but with time get a sense of emptiness.

It’s challenging to understand all the capabilities, new features and apps constantly being deployed, then building a comprehensive technology strategy that addresses all your business systems. That’s why enlisting a Salesforce consultant can really add value to your post-implementation, save precious time trying and get the most of your Salesforce platform.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself and know if you need an expert Salesforce consultant

1. Are your user adoption and user satisfaction poor?

Salesforce only works if your users and executives are comfortable and confident in using it. Poor Salesforce adoption should be taken very seriously considering the big investment you have made on the platform.

There can be many reasons you could be experiencing Salesforce adoption problems and a strong consultant will be able to pinpoint problem areas and resolve them making Salesforce is an enablement tool rather than an inconvenience.

2. Are you unaware of the new capabilities in the Salesforce platform?

Salesforce brings in three releases every year which makes the platform richer in terms of its potential. Moreover, there is an ever-increasing list of innovative applications in the AppExchange. You must leverage the full capabilities and features of the platform to get the maximum ROI and user satisfaction. An expert consultant can assist you in exploring the amazing features of which are unknown to you.

3. Are you facing data security and visibility issues among users?

Being a cloud platform a salesforce org’s architecture and security model must be robust as well as flexible. The data sharing and visibility among a various group of users varies and often unique to an organization. Implementing a reliable security model in your Salesforce org can take you a long way in earning the trust and gratification of your users.

4. Are your Salesforce projects not getting done in time?

Every organization has a different focus area and execution model. Salesforce being a cloud platform the development and project implementation time is shorter than other conventional technologies. Maintaining a team of expert Salesforce professionals might not be an efficient and viable option for you. Working with a consultant accelerates your path by giving you access to experienced, scalable and certified resources on-demand who can get the work done quicker.

5. Are you struggling with synchronizing data with Salesforce?

Most organizations today struggle with broken integration between conventional on-premise systems and cloud platforms. In today’s world of multichannel success of a business relies heavily on data consistency across multiple systems. A Salesforce expert can help you build efficient and reliable integration and make the business processes free from data inconsistency issues.

We believe, Salesforce implementation is not a goal to achieve but a path of continuous evolution that keeps the business cruising at the rate they want.

If the answer to one or more of the above questions is yes feel free to reach us for a professional and free consultation.

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