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4 features of Quip that work well with Salesforce

Quip is a platform that helps teams collaborate on projects remotely so they can complete work faster. With real-time edits and chat features, everyone has a complete idea on project progress at all times.

This gives your brand a strong relationship-building opportunity as you can converse with customers while providing support for their complaints or suggestions. It’s also an excellent way to recognize important customers and appreciate them.

If you are still emailing important documents using siloed apps, Quip gives you an easy way to share documents while being highly secure with your information. Moreover, your team can switch between mobile and desktop, further enhancing remote control. Quip comes with multiple features, apps and tracking system that boost your productivity and helps with tracking progress. We look at 4 key features that will work for your organization when using Quip.

Secure Platform

Both Quip and Salesforce are highly secure platforms. Meeting security requirements while using cloud applications could be a bottleneck based on your country or based on your project documentation requirements. By having Quip in your Sales cloud, your team does not need to worry about confidentiality as everything is documented in a secure location.

Live Feed & Features

Quip allows you to edit and work on documents, spreadsheets, and slides within Salesforce. Changes can be seen instantly and with real-time chat, your team can communicate easily. Similarly, Quip offers Live Feed which can be used to notify every time a deal is completed in real-time. Combining Quip with Tableau will help your team be aware of key metrics at any given stage. You can use these features to send out automated notifications and further customize to motivate your team by sharing their success. Similarly, the Project Tracker app can be used to assign milestones to a single user or multiple users to track status and maintain timelines.

Cross Documentation

Cross-functional teams can easily be set up using Quip. They can discuss, review and collaborate from any device. Additionally, once Quip is integrated with Salesforce, your client data will be uniform across departments. This assists in easily tying Cases, Notes or Contact information to a particular project while keeping the information easily accessible for reporting.

Call Notes & Meeting Notes

Quip provides a log a call feature to add call notes directly from Quip to Salesforce. Notes can be taken on the mobile app as well. The notes can be linked to the right account or lead which allows your management to easily review accounts with the latest details. Meeting notes let your team to prepare and note for meetings. You can even add Salesforce data into your meeting documents to keep track of the goals and sales numbers as these can be updated real-time. The entire team can work on the document and take notes at the same time.

Third party integration

Salesforce offers integration with multiple platforms to ensure there is no loss of data and the transitioning is smooth for your business. It offers integration with project management software like Smartsheet which allows the data to be present in both platforms while ensuring no duplicity.

Using Quip in Sales Cloud allows you to build a customized process for your team. There are multiple use cases of Quip in Salesforce in addition the 4 we talk about. If you would like to know more on Quip or on ways to customize your Sales Cloud, Winobell would be happy to provide a free consult.

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