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3 Ways Tableau compliments Salesforce Reporting

Tableau has established itself a formidable third-party analytics tool for any data reporting. It further boosts analytical capabilities of Salesforce that could be considered to still be in its native stage. With the two companies coming together, you can embed visuals from Tableau within the Salesforce application. Another major benefit for companies is added security of data as the integration allows for smooth flow through each account. Let’s look at 3 ways your company can make use of Tableau in the Salesforce platform.

1. Connect Multiple Data Sources

As Tableau can pull data from all prominent sources or data types, your reporting is no longer limited to Salesforce. Sales reps and managers can have a complete view to make swift decisions for business processes. Tableau also allows you to showcase KPI’s like marketing metrics and pipeline growth within the same chart thereby enhancing the value of insights drawn.

2. Automate daily routines

Tableau provides visual dashboard templates within Salesforce that are designed to help you create actionable data for analysis within minutes. In just a few clicks you can create beautiful data-rich dashboards that can be filtered through by date like monthly, quarterly, or by hierarchy. In addition, you can automate data extraction through Salesforce and use Tableau to create visuals that refresh in real-time.

3. Connect dots between metrics

With staff training to utilize these dashboards that are real-time, you can make more timely decisions and spend more time analysing than curating data. With Tableau’s capabilities, you can drill down on excess data and deep dive into datasets to figure out what matters most to your clients.

The data collected within Salesforce and other sources are vital to your decision-making process, and so is saving time in setting up your data workflow to help you get the right insights. If you need help in setting up your data visualization platform, Salesforce partners like Winobell can help you visualize your data workflow and get the right insights.

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